Santa will be thrilled to see your children before the big day and find out how there are.

He has lots of questions and you can ask him anything you like. Santa will also make sure he explains how he and his Elves are busy preparing for Christmas. 

Many children want to show Santa items, such as their favourite toy, school work or decorations. 
We recommend having such items at the ready

It is an experience offered by Great Grottos Ltd.the UK leaders in Christmas Grottos.

For 20 years we have managed amazing Grottos in UK retail schemes. Each year we hire over 500 Elves to help Santa to see thousands of families. 
We are famed for the quality of our staff and customer focus. 

Covid-19 is just one of a number of reasons families are occasionally unable to visit Santa - 'Live Video Santa Calls' is the fantastic alternative to ensure your children get to meet Santa this year, wherever you are. 

Up to 6 minutes. 

Your device requires a speaker, a self-facing camera, internet browser and reliable internet connection.

Laptops and smart phones are likely a good choice. If you have options, we recommend choosing the device with the largest screen. 

N.B. Internet Explorer browser is not supported by our service. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. And logging on before the call so the service can check your browser compatibility.  

Yes. For the best possible experience it is necessary for Santa to see you. Not being able to do so will impact the experience. We would not recommend booking a call if you cannot manage this. 

He knows each child's name, age, gender, your town and any personalisation details you enter during the booking process. 

It is necessary for a parent or guardian to be present throughout the call. 

You will receive your unique booking code. This code grants you access to your private waiting room. Santa will start the call at the time booked. 

Great. You will enter a private waiting room, where a countdown to Santa will keep you updated.

You can still join. However, the call is scheduled to end 6 minutes after the booked start time. So, you may lose the amount of time by which you are late. Santa is always busy. 

Your call is encrypted. It is not possible for anyone except yourself and Santa to watch your video call. However Great Grottos retain access for the purposes of fault resolution. 

Yes, you can rebook your call prior to the date of the call, subject to Santa's remaining availability.

Calls are non-refundable. However, if you miss your call, you will be invited to rebook from any remaining dates/times.

There is no limit. However, Santa will only have information on the children you submit during the booking process. 

There is no limit. However, if your child is unable to converse, Santa will depend upon you to interact with them.